Cuban Libertarian, December 2020

“Scared of everything I take refuge in Trump” is a journal of countercultural chronicles that constitutes the radical revenge of an author who escaped Cuban Castroism only to end up trapped in North American academic Castroism: that is, the tyranny of the politically correct and leftist anti-Trump nonsense.

The title of this volume is a parody of the Cuban National Hero José Martí (1853-1895), in a note that he dedicated from exile to his son called “Ismaelillo”: Son, scared of everything I take refuge in you …

“Scared of everything I take refuge in Trump” is not a novel, but it is a book that has an episodic romantic structure, where the main character is precisely one Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo of extreme lyrics and tender nostalgia for his lost homeland together with his fundamentalist and happy childhood. Pardo Lazo’s style is a kind of labyrinth of language where each word pretends to be a worse provocation than the previous one.

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